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Inle lake is the most famous scenic spot in Shan State. An immense lake of fantastic splendour which measures 22.4km long and 10.2 km wide is closely surronded by the hazy blue mountain ranges located about 900 metres above sea-level and 30 km south Taunggyi. The climate of the reigon is pleasigly cool all the year round. As blessed with such as geographical condition there are marine foods and vegetables in abundance throughout the lake region and the intricate works of local handicrafts and also available there. To crown it all, the lake itself looks rather legendary water, the lake dwellers row their boats by legs instead of by hands they grow on the floating farms that can be moved in the lake at the pleasure of the lake farmers. They stay in the floating villages; they speak in strange language and so on. Now the Inle lake has become one of the most well-known centres of tourist attractions in Myanmar.



Mrauk U

Dannyawady the capital in which generations of Rakhine King’s built their palace pagoda and ruled over the people is situated about 80 km N of Sittwe on the river bank of Kispanadi (Kalandan) River it takes about 2½ hrs boat trip from Sittwe to Mrauk U.

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The capital at Shan State. About 454 miles from Yangon. A hill station, over 1,430 meter above sea-level. By car all the way in 16 hours. By train up to Nyaung Shwe and thence to Taunggyi by car.

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